The ABIM Foundation's Choosing Wisely® Communication Module
by Pamela Duke, MD, et al.
Produced and Directed by Christof Daetwyler, MD

Title for the ABIM Foundation's Introductory Module

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Produced at Drexel University College of Medicine

Pamela Duke MD
Pamela Duke MD
Advisory Board:
Beth Lown, MD, John Santa, MD, Wendy Levinson, MD
Implementation as online module:
Christof Daetwyler MD
Instant Polling Code:
Gregory McGee, BS
Standardized Patients:
Felecia Myers, Mike Onori
Physicians on camera:
Christine Cassel MD, Theresa Lowery MD, Pamela Duke MD
Video Director and Producer:
Christof Daetwyler MD
Video Camera, Light and Sound:
George Zeiset BA
Video Assoc. Director:
Dennis Novack MD
Version History:

1.0 - 1/22/2013: Preliminary Version